New Horizon Capital

We are a diversified private equity firm, focusing primarily on early series startup funding whilst offering corporate financial services, financing & lending, & real estate acquisitions. Founded in 1993, for over 20 years we have funded and serviced numerous startups and listed companies in healthcare, education, telecoms & green energy technologies. Whilst also providing listed companies with our corporate financial expertise and overseeing multiple M&A deals. We operate mainly in Hong Kong and mainland China, with offices in Hong Kong, Beijing an Guangzhou.

New Horizon Foundry

Started in 2015, by NH-Capital and its partners. NH-Foundry was created to help support the new wave of entrepeners.With knowledge and experience as both investor and founders, NH-Foundry helps entrepeneurs go beyond their potential.From a concept to a prototype and a full market launch, NH-Foundry supports entrepeneurs through the difficult startup journey.

GenNex Financial Media Limited

Established and managed professionally by top industry experts comprising the first generation of pioneers who have continually redefined and shaped the financial printing business landscape in Hong Kong since 1980, GenNex Financial Media Limited is the quintessential synergy of contemporary financial printer and modern media-service provider, leading the industry into the future.

OA International Holdings

Since our inception in 2011, OA has established itself as a leading firm of Chartered and Certified Public Accountants under the name "Singapore Corporate Services" providing clients with audit, tax, accounting and corporate advisory services. In 2016 we underwent a corporate rebranding and restructuring initiative, adopting new clientele and expanding and improving our professional services. Combining ourselves with our partners, we created the current OA International Group.

Greater China Appraisal

Established in 1997, Greater China Appraisal Limited is a leading provider in business and asset valuation, financial risk management, as well as business consulting services. We pride ourselves on resolving business challenges based on objective opinion and unparalleled industry knowledge of the unique requirements and objectives of every business. Over the years, Greater China Appraisal Limited has retained its status as one of the top companies in the field.

INCU Corporate Finance Limited

INCU Corporate Finance Limited, established in 2002, is a licensed corporation registered under the Securities and Futures Ordinance to carry out corporate finance advisory services and is regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong. INCU Corporate Finance Limited specializes in a comprehensive range of corporate finance advisory services for listed companies in Hong Kong including takeovers, mergers and acquisitions, pre-listing advisory, direct investments, equity capital raising (both pre IPOs and post IPOs), spin-offs, capital reorganization, corporate restructuring and resumption.

Oi Wah Pawnshop Credit Holdings Limited

Oiwahpwan is a professional and trustable financial company, which provides pawn service and mortgage plans with low interest rate to customers. The company enables customer to choose the best loan plan according to their needs.